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What do you need to enter Puerto Rico

Despite not being part of the USA, they share the same visa policy. You have to apply for visitor visa, or ESTA which allows you to visit both countries.

You are obliged to have a valid travel authorization before entering the country, otherwise you won’t be allowed to enter its territory.

Tourist visa doesn’t allow you to work or study in Puerto Rico nor USA, but you can attend a business meetings or events.

Puerto Rico travel authorization request


You will be directed to a simplified online form to start and complete your request. After completing the form, you will receive your approved document within 2 business days (or 24 hours in case of the urgent processing).

When you receive your approved document, you can travel to the Puerto Rico and the United States. It will be linked with your passport, but please print it and bring it with you when arriving.


Validity: 2 years. Valid in Puerto Rico + USA

Multiple entries: yes (90 days per visit)

Format: electronic – linked with your passport + PDF

Processing time: less than 2 days (or 24 hours for urgent processing)


  • Passport valid at least 6 months from the date of intended arrival
  • Credit/debit card to pay the fees

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